WE'LL DELIVER YOUR HOPES, YOUR DREAMS, YOUR FREIGHT - ON TIME

​            Everything we do at MS BROKERAGE LLC is geared to offer benefits to our shippers and carriers.

         By offering reliable, efficient, cost effective and flexible freight shipping services we meet the needs of shippers and customers both large and small.
         Our commitment is to maintain the highest possible standards of service in every aspect of our freight brokerage business. 

       So here are just a few key benefits that we offer to our shippers.

  • Reliability

        We developed and maintain a long-term relationship with our network of reliable motor carriers.

        Every freight carrier that we use for every load is approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Association.and is in good standards with safety regulations.

        We also constantly monitor those safety ratings with each carrier in our database. We treat every shipment as if it were our own.            

        You can trust us to do what we say we will. 

  • An Honest and Realistic Approach

        We at MS BROKERAGE LLC understand that we operate as an extension of your business, and provide you with honest and  

        realistic expectations, not promises we cannot keep. We provide trucking rates and services descriptions with your best interest in mind.

  • Flexibility

        Regardless of the size of your shipment or destination we can manage the complete shipment process for you.

        And we always welcome a new challenge.

  • Time Savings

         Finding equipment for you shipment can be extremely complex and time consuming.

         Our goal is to satisfy you each and every time we handle your shipment process. 

  • Commitment to Quality

        The quality of service that we at MS BROKERAGE LLC provide is the key factor for our constant success.

        With us you can entrust your business at all times. Our forward - looking and dynamic approach means that we never stand still.

        We are constantly looking for better ways to serve you.

  • Freight Cost Savings 

        We always strive to find the best, safest and most reliable carrier. Our experience will always keep you updated with rising

        fuel costs and carrier availability and demand so that we can make sure that you are given the best shipping rate available in the nation. 

  • Information Systems 

        We use the latest communication technology and I.T. systems available to assist us in order provide professionalism at all times.

        We believe that the creative use of information technology is essential in maintaining a competitive edge in the transportation industry.

        We proud to announce we partnered up with MACROPOINT* and are able to track all our shipments 24/7.


  • Personal Service  

        You can call us at anytime to find out the status of your shipment or we provide you with any additional information you may need.

        All of  our carriers are equipped with satellite systems so we can track each and every load 24/7.

         * MacroPoint is a registered trademark of MacroPoint, LLC.