So here are some key benefits that we offer to our carriers:​​

  • Fair rates and good shipping lanes.
  • No surprises or headache when hauling a load for us - we put all the cards on the table.
  • We have a 24/7 dispatch available so you never have be out there by yourself.
  • ​Get paid per check in the mail, direct deposit or com - check.
  • No originals required. (A good signed copy is excepted)
  • $75,000.00 Bond that never has a single claim against it ever.
  • Approved with every factoring company out there. (Guaranteed)
  • MS BROKERAGE LLC is proud to have the fastest Quick - Pay program in the transportation industry. (We pay in less then 10 minutes after proof of deliver)
  • If there are unforeseen costs due to extra accessories needed, we work with our carrier and customer to ensure that additional charges are approved and paid quickly.

MS BROKERAGE LLC is committed to working with reliable, professional freight carriers. In return for top-notch service we offer our carriers consistent business, a variety of payment options and terms. We also offer good shipping lanes and fair freight rates.We understand and respect the effort and commitment that goes into operating a quality transportation company. We have over 18 years in trucking experience on board and can better understand your needs than a broker that has never actually had a hands on experience.